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Green Wolf Vegami

Green Wolf Vegami named one of TIME's Best Inventions for 2023

Campbell, CA, October 24, 2023 – Green Wolf Foods’ Vegami has been recognized with a special mention in TIME’s Best Inventions of 2023.

Vegami /vəˈgɑ mi/, named from the combination of "vegan" and "salami," represents a fresh approach to plant-based deli products. Moving beyond meat imitation, Vegami combines the practicality of deli foods with the rich flavors and nutritional benefits of plants, introducing unique flavors such as spinach and kale, brown mushrooms, and tomato basil.

Vegami introduces a wholesome and innovative option for those exploring plant-based diets, marking a thoughtful deviation from the typical meat alternative.

"At Green Wolf Foods, our goal is to dispel the myth that a vegan lifestyle is about sacrifice. With our offerings, like Vegami, we prove that choosing plant-based is a gain, not a loss. It’s gaining health benefits, reducing unnecessary animal suffering, and mitigating the detrimental impacts of animal agriculture on our ecosystems. Being recognized by TIME is an honor and validates our approach of inventing instead of imitating," says founder Alex Volkov.

Some vegan foods try to imitate meat. Others, like Vegami’s savory “salami” in flavors like brown mushrooms, spinach kale, and tomato basil, show that vegetables can be delicious when they’re not masquerading as something else,” TIME

About Green Wolf Foods

Green Wolf Foods is a Silicon Valley-based startup founded in 2022. The company launched its first product, Vegami, in August 2022 and has seen substantial market traction, tripling its sales volume in under a year. In September 2023, Green Wolf Foods was named the Best New Business/ Startup at the World Plant-Based Innovation Awards.

A Better Veggie “Sausage”

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